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Andrew Haggard

Andrew Haggard FCA

Managing and Founding Partner

A Fulham resident for over 30 years, I take a great deal of pleasure in supporting local businesses and being part of their business journey. Helping our clients manage their affairs and seeing their businesses grow is incredibly rewarding. After all, this is the reason why my brother, Tim, and I initially set the firm up in 2004.

I get involved in a wide range of client work, from providing high level strategic tax and corporate business planning advice through to preparing the odd Tax Return, my role is very varied and no two days are the same.

To relax I enjoy watching Fulham home and away with my two sons and I am Chair of Wimbledon Volleyball Club, a game I have played and coached since university in Edinburgh. I also actively support the Mabula Project which is focused on the conservation of the endangered Southern Ground Hornbill, a bird endemic to southern and eastern Africa.