Personal Tax

Personal Tax

Tax strategies to maximise the value of your income

Personal tax is a challenging subject. However your wealth has been derived, you have worked hard to earn it. So why not maximise the value by ensuring you can keep hold of as much as possible?

We can help you whether your wealth has been accrued through:

  • income achieved through pure salary
  • income and gains from property assets
  • a portfolio of mixed assets
  • a range of investments

At Haggards Crowther we help our clients to develop robust, legitimate tax strategies. Strategies which allow them to offset gains and losses and invest in the most tax efficient manner.

We deliver a tax led approach to all our work, considering the implications of investments and income against a back drop of the allowances available to UK individuals. 

Our dedicated and experienced team will work with you to understand the overall tax picture of your personal affairs and your specific wishes for regular income and long-term planning. We then merge all of this together and present options for effective tax mitigation on both a tax year and long-term basis. 

Our advice is always delivered in a confident manner and within the legislative framework set down by the UK Government. We do not support aggressive tax strategies, nor will we shroud your personal affairs in opaque structures. 

As well as providing you with tax planning advice we will also help you with self-assessment tax returns on an annual basis and any other matters concerning your affairs.

Tax Health – It’s Personal

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