Stories from our team

Stories from our team

Hear from our team

Our people make our business, here are some stories from across our team sharing their experience of being part of Haggards Crowther.

May Dickson


May joined Haggards Crowther in November 2017 as a Junior Accountant, she’d started her accountancy career a year before and wanted to be part of a team that gave her a wide breadth of experience and knowledge during her training.

She was very pleased to become part of the Haggards Chartered Accountancy team, she immersed herself in her role and relished the opportunity to see the whole client picture. May was very happy to be promoted to Senior Accountant in July 2018.

Chris Ropner


Chris has been part of the team since day one, he kicked off his career with Andrew and Tim Haggard as a bookkeeper in 2005.

He’s grown with the business ever since, becoming CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) qualified along the way.

Chris now manages a team of more than 15 and he was delighted to be promoted to Partner in May 2018.

What support has Haggards Crowther given you?

May: All my training costs and courses have been funded by Haggards Crowther. Whenever I experience something new there’s always someone I can ask if I’ve got any questions. I’m now supporting two trainees, and making sure I do the same for them so we can all keep doing the best for our clients.

Chris: Andrew originally taught me bookkeeping and he and Tim have passed on a lot of knowledge to me, they’ve both supported my progression. We’ve got a great team here, I really trust the team and I’ve loved seeing people progress, training them up and being able to pass on my knowledge.

What’s been your highlight at Haggards Crowther?

May: Definitely being promoted from Junior Accountant to Senior Accountant in July 2018, I’d passed my FAR (Financial Accounting & Reporting) and AA (Audit & Assurance) exams and the team was expanding.

Chris: Shaping the structure and function of the Corporate Services team, and making sure we have the right team of people. I’m so proud of my team, the quality of their work and the feedback from our clients is fantastic.

Why would you recommend Haggards Crowther as a team to join?

May: We’re a fun and open team, always happy to support each other and share our knowledge and experience. From very early on we have autonomy and communicate directly with clients, this helps build strong client relationships.

Chris: We have really good people here, a solid and caring team. We support each other on vast amounts of varied and interesting work.

How would you describe Haggards Crowther in three words?

May: Inclusive, Collaborative, Friendly

Chris: Supportive, Cohesive, Caring

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